Robert D. Sutherland



A light came bobbing toward me through the dark.
Surprised, I stopped and watched its slow advance.
A little man came into view at last,
A tired old man with weary, dragging steps.
Without a word he held his lantern up
And peered into my face with eager eyes—
Then sadly shook his head and turned away.
Upset by such an act, I said to him,
“Oh, just a moment, sir. Is something wrong?”
He stopped and came to face me once again.
“My friend,” he said, “there’s nothing wrong at all.
My name’s Diogenes; a weary Greek,
I’m merely out to find an honest man.”
I looked him over closely; then I asked:
“How long have you been seeking such a man?”
“Two thousand years,” he answered with a smile.
And then he turned and started down the path.
“Indeed!” I thought. “He surely must be mad.
A crazy man who walks around at night.”
I watched the lantern bobbing in the dark,
And felt relieved when it was out of sight.

Copyright © Robert D. Sutherland, 1959
Published in MIKROKOSMOS #1 (Spring, 1959)



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