Robert D. Sutherland



Four illustrations (pen and ink) in James R. Scrimgeour’s Dikel, Your Hands and Other Poems. Spoon River Poetry Press (1979)

Seventy-four pencil illustrations for Sticklewort and Feverfew (The Pikestaff Press, 1980); the book won the 1981 Friends of American Writers Juvenile Book Merit Award for author/illustrator.

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Two illustrations (pen and ink), as frontispiece for The Collected Poems of Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle, ed. Rodger L. Tarr and Fleming McClelland. (Greenwood, FL: The Penkevill Publishing Co., 1986) The illustrations are imaginative portraits depicting a youthful Thomas and Jane Welsh Carlyle as they might have appeared in 1822. (Pictures drawn in 1981).


The Akond of Swat by Edward Lear (numerous illustrations) The poem was illustrated (if not illuminated) by Robert D. Sutherland, having himself returned from a trip to India in 1997.

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